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The GetUp movement is powered by the values and hopes of everyday people. By combining the power of one million members, movement partners and a central team of expert strategists, we do whatever it takes to make extraordinary impact.
GetUp members come from every walk of life, coming together around a shared belief in fairness, compassion and courage. It is GetUp members who set our movement’s agenda on issues they care about, in the fields of Environmental Justice, Human Rights, Economic Fairness and Democratic Integrity. Our work is driven by values, not party politics.

What do we work on?

From making sure hundreds of thousands more people are able to vote in elections, to successfully stopping major projects threatening the Great Barrier Reef, or securing billions of dollars in new funding for mental health — we have a decade-long history of taking on powerful interests, and winning.

How do we do it?

Sometimes we gather in raucous protest, at other times we partner with policy experts to develop new solutions — and everything in between. Whatever we do, we do it with as many people as possible, using our hands, our hearts, our voices to fight for the issues that matter most.

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