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Eco-shout is a campaign tool for people working towards environmental and social justice and a catalyst to action for anyone interested in becoming more involved in the environment.

What you'll find on the Eco-shout website:

-a massive list of active groups and NGOs in Victoria
-a universal calendar of enviro and social justice events in Melbourne
-a sharehousing network for people who care about how they live on the planet
-volunteering, training and employment info
-heaps more stuff

The only way we can turn around the path of decline our world is on is all together. We are not just working for climate action, but climate justice. We are not just working for environmental protection but environmental and social justice.

The first step in this process is acknowledging that the people who are causing the least damage to our planet are baring the worst impacts; and understanding that this land was stolen and never ceded by the Indigenous people who have been custodians of country for at least 60,000 years, are at the forefront of the fight to end the injustice and hold the knowledge we need to create a future.

Building a strong movement for change must therefore be centred around actively seeking to break the injustice that has locked us into decline, addressing the trauma this injustice has caused and is still causing, and creating regenerative communities that actively build respect and support

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East Brunswick, Victoria

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