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Our vision

A healthy planet, by maximising resource efficiency and achieving a zero-waste society.

Our Mission

To be the peak NGO in Australia, driving the behavioural and systemic change required to deliver the social, economic and environmental benefits of a zero-waste society and to support waste reduction across the Asia Pacific region.

Our core Strategic Objectives

To transition to a zero-waste society by leveraging strategic opportunities to drive best practice resource efficiency and recovery.
To cut 70% of Australia’s contribution to plastic pollution entering the oceans by 2020.

We, at the Boomerang Alliance, believe that an empowered community taking action at individual, political and economic levels will prompt business and government to support community wishes and prioritise the shift towards a zero-waste society.

During transition there may be some small amounts of residual waste of varying types that should be completely destroyed, landfilled or quarantined for future possible reuse.

At a manufacturing level, it is essential that producers accept primary responsibility for the environmental impacts of their products through methods such as cradle to grave management and the reuse of materials. Appropriate financial incentives and government regulation will work together with informed consumers to ensure that free riders do not disadvantage responsible companies. Cheap, wasteful practices will not be allowed to hold back entire sectors.

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Level 1, 99 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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In 2003 Dave West and a group of passionate people began to campaign for a container deposit system across Australia and decided to create an alliance among all sorts of environmental groups – from surfers to recyclers, to clean up and neighbourhood groups - to give local communities power and influence in their struggle to stem the massive waste of discarded resources polluting our playgrounds, parks, rivers and beaches. The Boomerang Alliance quickly grew from 9 groups and now comprises 49 national, state and local allies. Boomerang is an incorporated association and registered charity. Each of our allies has the right to their own policies, and decides the level of support they give to our campaigns.

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