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Waterkeepers Australia has 18 members, located in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. Its mission aims to inspire Australians to restore and keep their waterways healthy. Waterkeepers Australia sets as its vision a national community of local Waterkeepers actively protecting and restoring waterways for all living things to enjoy.

Waterkeeper Alliance

Waterkeepers Australia is part of the international network of Waterkeepers. The Waterkeeper Alliance is the international centre of a network of Waterkeeper programs. The Alliance approves new Waterkeeper programs, licenses the use of the Waterkeeper names, represents the individual Waterkeepers on issues of national interest, and serves as a meeting place for all the Waterkeepers to exchange information, strategy and know-how. The Alliance and its member Waterkeeper groups meet at least once a year, rotating between regions, and communicates regularly in the interim.

The Waterkeeper Family of Names

The Waterkeeper program names, such as “Riverkeeper,” “Lakekeeper,” “Baykeeper,” “Coastkeeper” and others, are synonymous with effective community action. The effort, both to promote and to protect these names, has been organised and intentional. We have protected the names under federal trademark law.
By protecting the names we can prevent their misuse. As a result, we require users to obtain a trademark license from us and meet standards of performance to ensure the Waterkeeper family of names is used in a way consistent with our mission. Our goal is to ensure that anytime you see a Waterkeeper name, you will know that the user is part of Waterkeeper Alliance and adheres to our standards and advocacy philosophy, has explicit permission to use the name and has signed a license to do so.

Waterkeepers Australia helps community groups in Australia care for their local creeks, rivers, lakes and bays. It allows communities, both in Australia and internationally to share their skills, knowledge and stories, as well as access scientific and legal assistance.

The National Office fosters networking and program promotion through its quarterly newsletter, private members online networking system, yearly conferences and seasonal promotional activities.

Being a Waterkeeper is about being part of a community both local and national, joining with others to improve our natural surroundings and enjoying the gifts of nature.

The Waterkeepers are the real inspiration of this organisation as they work tirelessly to restore and preserve their waterway through an array of activities. The multifaceted nature of a Waterkeeper’s life can find them patrolling their waterway, gathering samples and testing water quality, talking to public groups about the local water issues, communicating with government bodies to present the facts, or one of many other possibilities.

To find out more feel free to contact the national office or your local Waterkeeper.

We’d love you to get involved! Check out the support section for information on how you can help.

Waterkeepers Australia is a not-for-profit, independent organisation that was formed in 2003 through inspiration from the international Waterkeeper Alliance. Now an active part of that alliance, Waterkeepers Australia boasts eighteen members to date, all engaged in protecting and preserving a piece of Australia’s precious waterways.

The national office in Victoria is the support framework for the member groups, each a registered Waterkeeper organisation in their own right, who are strong and dedicated groups of people committed to doing all that they can for their local waterway, whether that be a beach, lake, river, bay, wetland, coastal area, estuary, or creek.

Our national vision is to see a Waterkeeper on every waterway in Australia, protecting and preserving our unique natural wealth for generations to come.

To find out more feel free to contact the national office or your local Waterkeeper. See Contact Page for details.

We’d love you to get involved! Check out the support section for information on how you can help.

Waterkeepers Australia would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Myer Foundation and the Maquarie Group

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