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The Friends of Gulf St Vincent is a not-for-profit community group concerned about the condition and health of this unique body of water.

The northern gulf is shallow and rich with mangroves, which provide an important nursery for local fisheries. On its eastern side the gulf is bounded by Metropolitan Adelaide, and the Fleurieu Peninsula, with its backdrop of the Mount Lofty Ranges. Kangaroo Island, once part of the mainland, lies to the south west of the gulf. The eastern side of Yorke Peninsula forms the western side of the gulf.

Our concern is that much damage has been done to the gulf since European settlement, and unless we work together we will lose even more of our clean, bountiful and spectacular gulf.

Our aim is to foster a unified community approach to the protection and wise use of the Gulf St Vincent.

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Our Aim

The Friends of Gulf St Vincent formed in 2003 in response to a perceived need for a coordinated approach by the coastal community to the protection and conservation of the gulf.

At the first executive meeting, the following objectives were agreed;

1. To foster a unified community approach to the protection and wise use of Gulf St Vincent

2. To advocate for the

conservation of marine and coastal environments
protection of key habitats in the gulf
sustainable use of marine resources

3. To promote awareness of issues relating to the health of Gulf St Vincent

4. To provide a means of conveying community concerns to the government

FoGSV fosters greater public awareness of the gulf and its issues, as well as greater networking among member groups, by: organising Fora featuring South Australian environmental experts; publicising events through a central calendar; organising excursions to particular sites and visits to local groups; producing educational resources etc.

We welcome participation, ideas, suggestions, etc. And if you would like to become involved, or go on the mailing list to be informed of events, etc., please contact us.

The Friends of Gulf St Vincent organise a Community Forum once or twice a year – this is our main activity. We try to hold these meetings in different parts of the gulf, particularly if there is a local matter in focus.

We keep an eye on current and emerging issues in the gulf and support communities and individuals to advocate for gulf protection, and regularly write letters or submissions.

We contribute to Community Arts and Education projects via local government, South Australian Living Artists (SALA) week, or organisations such as the Marine Discovery Centre.

In 2011 the FoGSV received funding from the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board for the Secchi Water Quality Monitoring Project.

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Gulf St Vincent

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November 27, 2018

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