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We are an independent environmental interest group, established in 2003, pursuing a shared vision of environmental awareness and improvements for the townships of Port and South Hedland, along with the wider Pilbara region.

Care For Hedland thanks Principal Partner BHP for their continued support since 2008.

About Care For Hedland

The Care for Hedland Environmental Association aims to connect people and the environment to create a more sustainable, inclusive and environmentally-aware town. With BHP as Principal Partner since 2008, Care For Hedland receives support without which these programs would not be able to be run.

This is achieved through delivering a diverse range of conservation-based volunteer programs and activities for the Hedland community, which are suitable for all ages and levels of commitment.

Care For Hedland’s programs are divided into four key areas:

1. Flatback sea turtle monitoring

2. Recycling and waste prevention

3. Gardening and sustainable living

4. Education and advocacy

The Association acts as an effective conduit for the communication of environmental and sustainability information into the community and provides a forum whereby business, industry, government and community can discuss barriers, opportunities and solutions to sustainable development for Hedland and the Pilbara.
Our Aims

1. Bring ideas/feedback to government and other bodies on environmental/sustainability issues

2. Assess and prioritise current and future environmental/sustainability issues

3. Ascertain public perception of responsible bodies’ efforts in environmental management

4. Assist awareness raising of environmental/sustainability issues

5. Build a partnership between the community, business/industries and government agencies for the management of environmental/sustainability issues.

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Port Hedland, West Australia

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PO Box 436
Port Hedland WA 6721

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