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Coastal Ecology Protection Group

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The CEPG Inc. Is a group of people who care about the coast and dunes along the section of Adelaide metropolitan coastline between Grange and Semaphore Park.

Type of group

Incorporated Association

Primary environmental focus

Conservation & Protection

Geographic sphere or activity


Primary location

Tennyson, South Australia

Known address

PO Box 8038, Grange, SA 5022

Website link/s

Date of known website activity

March 3, 2018

Date of last group activity not on website (e.g., on social media)

May 7, 2018

Known reason for group inactivity

Unknown. Website and facebook page were both most recently updated in May 2018.

Founding Year


History of group

The CEPG Inc. was incorporated in 2001, after some years operating as a less formal organization.

We are a not-for-profit charity registered with the ACNC and the ATO.

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