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Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) is central Queensland’s leading natural resource management (NRM) body.

We work with community, industry and government to promote sustainable practices, minimize negative impacts on the environment and protect our region’s special places, species and the Great Barrier Reef.

Vision: Inspired and empowered communities who value our natural assets.

Mission: To empower our region with the resources, knowledge and skills to maintain our natural assets for future generations.


Although funding, partners and projects change over time, and must do so in order to meet new challenges and demands, the work of FBA is always to achieve 7 critical goals that ensure the continued prosperity and health of our region.

Community engagement and involvement
Best Management Practice
Informed land use planning and management
Resilient and adaptable industries
Long-term sustainability
Healthy rivers and waterways
Healthy ecosystems that support biodiversity

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Conservation & Protection

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Fitzroy Basin, Queensland

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Level 1/80 East Street
Rockhampton, Queensland

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