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Aims of Our Society:

To foster interest, knowledge and enjoyment in natural history, particularly in the Dubbo region.
To speak out on environmental and conservation issues, particularly those affecting our area.
To achieve these aims by meetings with lectures, discussions and field trips.

The DUBBO FIELD NATURALIST AND CONSERVATION SOCIETY ("DUBBO FIELD NATS") has been a voice for environmental responsibility and conservation ethics in the Dubbo region since 1977.

Members have a very wide range of interests and knowledge, and this is reflected in the range of topics covered by speakers and the varied locations of field trips. Interests include birdwatching, botany, street trees, geology, wetlands, forest management, Aboriginal cultural heritage, local flora and fauna, and conservation generally.

The Society has monthly social meetings and field trips to areas of environmental interest. There are also special trips throughout the year, such as weekend camping trips and extra excursions in spring. A committee of the society holds a separate meeting to discuss the organisational, operational and lobbying activities of the society.

Members take part in workshops, have an advisory capacity in the community, lobby on important local environmental issues and sit on various committees.

There is "something for everyone" in this friendly and informal group, where visitors and new members are always welcome.

Current constitution: The current constitution for the assocation was adopted in 2017

Environmental Advocacy

One of the key activities of the Dubbo Field Nats is to speak out on environmental issues, particularly those affecting our local area. We aim to speak with a practical, non-partisan voice.

Over the years we have been highly involved in local conservation issues from small-scale street tree conservation and urban reserves, up to damaging large developments like aluminium smelters.

Recently we've advocated on behalf of the environment on several issues including:

the proposed changes to biodiversity laws in NSW (NSW Government)
the proposed changes to the Environmental Planning laws in NSW (NSW Government)
the Dubbo Street Tree Master Plan (Dubbo Regional Council)
the Dubbo Rural Reserves Biodiversity Plan (DRCouncil)
the Murray Darling Basin Plan, and 'Northern Basin Review' (Murray Darling Basin Authority)
Coal seam gas development in northern NSW, including within the Pillga Forest (NSW Government/Santos)

We value opportunites to collaborate with other advocacy organisations on many of these matters, including the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, the Dubbo Coal Seam Gas group, Inland Rivers Network and the 'Save our Street Trees' group of Dubbo.

Our main limitation with increasing our advocacy activities is our people - we always need more volunteer resources to identify and describe new issues, write and review submissions, attend meetings and participate in media activities. if you are keen to get involved, please contact the DFNCS Committee.

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