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MINCA works to ensure that the species, habitats and biodiversity of World Heritage Magnetic Island and the waters around it are not damaged by human activity; and that development is sustainable and in line with the needs of future generations.

What do we do? Lots! We weed, re-vegetate, manage the Bolger Bay Conservation Park; contribute to clean-ups, to environmental education and to environmental maintenance; raise funds to assist environmental projects; and lobby for good environmental management policies and practices at all levels.

Structure and transparency MINCA is a not-for-profit, non-government organization (NGO) run by volunteers elected annually by MINCA members to positions on a Management Committee. Meetings of the Management Committee are open to all MINCA members.

Accountability MINCA accounts are audited in accordance with legislation. Accounts are held with QCCU and account fees are minimized. MINCA activities are fully insured by arrangement with Qld Water and Land Carers Inc.

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23 Murray Street, Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia 4819

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PO Box 30
Magnetic Island Qld 4819

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November 5, 2015

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Established in 1996, largely to help create and manage the Nelly Bay Habitat Reserve, MINCA has since broadened, strengthened and grown – increasing its membership and collaborating with local, state and federal governments and with other community organisations in a variety of activities designed to protect and conserve the Island’s World Heritage-listed environment. MINCA is an incorporated association operating under approved Rules of Association.

In 2002, with government and private assistance, MINCA purchased a 14 hectare
block of land at Bolger Bay, which, as trustee, it now manages as a conservation
park. Purchase of the block was facilitated by that fact that in 2001, after much work, MINCA had obtained status as an organisation on the Register of Environmental Organisations. This status means that donations to MINCA greater than $2 are tax deductible.

Part of the Interpretive Facilities at Nelly Bay Habitat Reserve (Photo: Wendy Tubman)

The magically lit understorey at Bolger Bay Conservation Park (Photo: Pen Sheridan)
Over the years, in addition to the two major land acquisition/protection activities mentioned above, MINCA has also:

Undertaken a large number of one-off or on-going rehabilitation projects around the Island
Produced the flier Magnetic Island’s ‘Worst Weeds’
Assisted with dry tropics plantings at the Horseshoe Bay water treatment plant
Implemented a successful program to control caster oil plant on the island
Collaborated with landowners in the maintenance of Bolger Bay Nature Refuge
Collaborated with TCC in development of the West Point Road management plan, the TCC plan and other planning instruments
Assisted with the provision of animal warning reflectors around the island
Collaborated with MICDA and the federal government on the identification of World Heritage values for the island
Hosted talks by ABC radio gardening guru, Phil Murray, and Greening Australia officer, Belinda Bickley
Organized the 'Carbon Cuts' short film competition (funded by DERM)
Organized the 'Low Carbon Diet Inter-Bay Challenge' (funded by DERM)
Convened a '' rally at Picnic Bay & vigil at the RSL markets in support of the international carbon emissions reduction campaign
Established the Magnetic Island branch of 'Freecycle'
Provided input to a large number of Federal, State and local government plans and strategies

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