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An eco-friendly welcome

Welcome to the EcoNetwork-Port Stephens Inc website, dedicated to the interest of all who treasure and want to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of our Port Stephens estuary and hinterland.

We aim to excite and inform not only our affiliated organisations and individual members, but all those interested in a healthy environment.

Port Stephens contains diverse habitats: native vegetation, beaches, rocky headlands, saltmarsh, mangroves and wetlands, and unique reefs.

Our challenge is to protect these natural assets from the excesses often associated with developer, commercial and other human activities.

Of course the Port Stephens economy and population will keep growing, but we contend sustainable growth must not be at the expense of our unique natural environment. See Looking ahead and re-thinking for a sustainable town.

We’ll be vigilant about not just what happens here but also external influences, such as climate change, coal seam gas drilling in the catchment and offshore drilling for natural gas.

Who we are

EcoNetwork is a Port Stephens based conservation, sustainability and natural heritage network.

Our vision is for an eco-oriented culture for sustainable communities and the transfer of intact eco-systems to future generations.

To that end we are committed to the conservation of terrestrial and marine environments and to opposing growth and development that is excessive: that threatens our vital life supporting natural systems and the integrity of our local environmental assets.

Founded in March 1993, EcoNetwork-Port Stephens Inc. now comprises 19 community, environmental and eco-tourism groups and businesses including Port Stephens Tourism Limited, local and regional conservationists, and concerned individuals.

What we do

EcoNetwork has proactive policies that help protect and conserve terrestrial, marine and atmospheric environments. Being proactive has led to many initiatives including:

– expansion of Tomaree National Park from 896 hectares to 2274 hectares.

– conservation of diverse wildlife habitat, now Mambo & Wanda Wetlands Reserve.

– marine waterways protection with six vessel sewerage pump-out systems.

– early advocacy (1999) for a Port Stephens/Great Lakes Marine Park (2006).

– Port Stephens Council Energy Smart Homes Program

– representation on local council and state government consultation and advisory bodies.

– formation of the Shoal Bay Community Association and kindred community groups.

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