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BEAM Mitchell Environment Group is an independent, membership based group.

our VISION: A thriving community, locally active and globally aware


Stand up on issues that impact our environment
Take a collaborative approach and support one another
Respect each other – everyone has something to offer
Be accountable for what we say and do

‘BEAM’, originally “Broadford Environmental Action Movement” has become a name in its own right, and was formed in 1989 to provide a forum for environmental action and discussion within the Broadford community. Since then we have grown to a shire-wide group, merging with other like minded local groups, and currently have around 120 memberships, many of these families.

BEAM is about acting locally on global issues

There are lots of urgent global issues including climate change, peak oil, food security and biodiversity decline. The key global environment issues are:

Climate change: reducing carbon emissions and dealing with the impact of climate change
Peak oil: will have a major impact on how we live.
Food security: as well as peak oil, we may be past peak land, peak water, peak phosphorus. Someone even suggested peak oxygen! We now have centuries of soil degradation. And we have concerns about the ethics of food production and the quality of the food we eat.
Biodiversity decline: in Australia, habitat loss and fragmentation and ongoing gradual destruction caused by management practices is bringing us closer to the extinction of many species and a decline in the ecological processes that support us.

What we do

Over the years BEAM has been involved in a broad range of activities including:

Providing submissions on a range of local and state government policies and strategies, such as the Mitchell Shire Open Space and Recreation Trails Strategy.
Successfully objecting to proposed mining on Mount Piper.
Committee level involvement in the Rural Sustainable Communities Program.
Leading an investigative project into management options for stable waste in the Mitchell Shire.
Ongoing involvement in the Mitchell Shire Environment Advisory Committee.
Presenting evidence at the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission.
Supporting the establishment of the Transition Towns Initiative Mitchell.

Recent Achievements

BEAM has submitted papers to state and local government regarding environmental concerns including:

Submissions to the Mitchell Shire Council and VCAT in relation to the proposed Cherry Tree Hill wind farm development
Mitchell Shire 2020 strategy
VEAC enquiry into remnant vegetation (including a response to issues raised by the Bushfires Royal Commission)
Kilmore Hospital Reservoir Management Plan
Mitchell Shire Planning Scheme review
Granite Park Management Strategy
Monument Hill Management Plan, and
Mitchell Shire Open Space and Recreational Trails Strategy

Plus BEAM has:

Led the development of Sustainable Seymour
Participated in Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Day events
Auspiced the establishment of the Transition Town Initiative-Mitchell group based in Wallan.
Supported the South West Goulburn Landcare Network Farmblitz Project
Continued our constructive involvement with the Mitchell Shire Council
Participated in Shire/CFA planning sessions formalizing fire access tracks in Kilmore’s Monument Hill

See the timeline of the history of BEAM since 1989 – 2010

How does BEAM work?

BEAM is an independent, membership based group and we believe the strength of our group is in its members and the interests, experience and enthusiasm they bring.

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