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The members of the Weed Society of Queensland (WSQ) share a common interest in weeds and pest animals and their management. The Society was formed in 1975 with the aim of advancing the understanding and practice of weed management. In recent years the society expanded its scope to include pest animals and the WSQ - Pest Animal Branch was born. The WSQ is one of the seven societies of the Council of Australasian Weed Science Societies (CAWS).

Reducing the impact of weeds and pest animals, and preventing further spread across the vast and varied land types and waterways of Queensland requires on-ground action. This means coordinated action by many land and water managers as well as community volunteers in rural, peri-urban and urban areas.

The Weed Society of Queensland has the following objectives:

To promote wider interest in weeds and pest animals and their management.
To provide opportunities for those interested in weeds and pest animals and their management to exchange information and ideas based on research and practice.
To encourage the investigation of all aspects of weeds and pest animals and their management.
To encourage the study of weed and pest animal science and the dissemination of its findings.
To encourage education in weed and pest animal science and management.
To produce and publish such material as may be considered desirable.
To cooperate and, where appropriate, affiliate with other organisations engaged in related activities.
To support and continue to foster the Council of Australasian Weed Societies.

Consequently, the Society promotes management of weeds and pest animals through:

our newsletter ‘Weedshine’
publications, social media and multi-media
field days and forums
conferences & symposia
grants, awards and scholarships
public relations and advocacy

Society members are from diverse backgrounds: from practitioners to policy people; landholders to scientists. If you’re passionate about weeds and pest animals, why not join us?

The WSQ recognises the role advocacy can play in support of meeting a wide range of its objectives.

As a diverse volunteer organisation, it is important to ensure that advocacy activities maintain the good name of the WSQ and its members. As such it is important to the WSQ that advocacy activities are constructive, proactive and solution oriented.

This policy sets out the principles, advocacy themes and implementation rules under which members of the WSQ may undertake advocacy activities.

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