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WPPC Inc. support and promote the protection of the environment of Westernport and the Mornington Peninsula; since 1971.
Founded in 1971, the programs of the Council are aimed at preserving and restoring what remains of our precious natural environment in Westernport Bay and its hinterland. An important part of our activities to that end is to ensure that proper planning processes are observed by Government at all three levels and that community consultation is a fundamental component of planning. We have achieved a high reputation for approaching such matters through careful study of principles and attention to detail.

Prompting community awareness of important conservation issues has also been high on our agenda for the past 30 years. We continue to explore ways of informing the public of their natural assets and of the current and ongoing threats opposed to them by inappropriate and destructive developments.

The activities of Council are managed by an executive committee of nine, elected at the annual General Meeting, which is held on a Sunday early in January. Membership is by application and subscription and confers voting rights and a say in the Council’s activities. The Committee has the power to co-opt additional members during the year.

Additional help on Committee and in a range of other ways is always welcome. Please indicate on the subscription form if you have any special skills or interests which may be helpful in our campaigns.

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Conservation & Protection

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Hastings, Victoria

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Po Box 9, Hastings, Victoria 3915

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Westernport Peninsula Protection Council Inc WPPC Inc.

• In Dec 30th 1970 there was a protest rally against the Ampol-Sleigh proposed refinery at Bittern, 600 people attended a meeting on Balnarring Race Track.
• The First formal meeting of the WPPC Jan 4th 1971. Our group is 37 years old
• We have approximately 300 members

Our Principle Objectives are

To engage in, support and promote:
• regional and local planning
• conservation of natural resources, including fauna and flora
• studies of the effects of pollution of all kinds
• the protection of the environment.
…of Westernport, the Mornington Peninsula and elsewhere.


In 1987 WPPC Inc. were the leading group in the successful campaign against The Western Mining Corporation Ammonia–Urea plant proposal on the BP site using the Crib Point Jetty. Later a key campaigner in that campaign, Rosy Buchanan became president of our group.
1992 Super tanker proposal for same BP site. Shell-Mobil bought it for a major oil import facility. Again an angry public put evidence on the table including the Shapiro report. We were key campaigners again in this campaign and in due course the Shell company advised our President Dr Brian Cuming, in a personal call from the Head Quarters in Holland that the plan was to be shelved indefinitely. From there there was bipartisan support for a statement from the minister for planning Tom Roper that it was inappropriate for such an industry to develop there, and secoundly that a policy should be adopted which later became enshrined below….
We participated in government planning via The Westernport Regional Planning and Co-ordination Committee. The main planning change as a result of that same campaign was Document 1 below. Which we saw as a victory and we have never forgotten, and we will never forget, because there is so much sense to it.
Another effort which WPPC initiated and were deeply involved in the three years 1988, 1989 and 1990 were the three Seagrass festivals which involved large puppets, hundreds of school children and massive community participation to celebrate the environmental values of Westernport Bay 1990
Dr Brian Cuming Past President and research fellow of WPPC Inc,40 years resident of Bittern “I have always had great faith that the Hastings, Crib Point, Stony Point area would become a thriving residential area with great lifestyle facilities. Providing recreation for the region.

In the last ten years this has really happened. Pelican Park, and the Petersen Bookshop symbolizes modern Hastings/Crib point,

Let us not spoil it with corruptions”

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