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FNPW is the charity partner of Australia’s National Parks.

We’re a non-government organisation on a mission to safeguard wilderness & wildlife for future generations.

We fund conservation Australia-wide

We’re proud of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage. We support conservation projects in every state and territory.

Conservation protects our future

We believe that people are the answer to environmental issues. That’s why our approach focuses on People and Conservation.


A love of nature comes from our experiences. Getting out and enjoying a National Park teaches you so much about the beauty, dignity, value and importance of the environment. That’s why we’re all about parks for people. We support projects to improve visitor experiences and understanding within National Parks.

Learning about what you see outside encourages you to care and to practice more positive environmental behaviors. That’s why we believe in environmental education.

With people at the heart of our approach, we support Australian conservation.

To conserve nature, we must preserve the land and water of our country – the lifeblood of environmental balance. Species—including our own—cannot survive without a healthy habitat. That’s why we add land to Australia’s National Parks for permanent protection. We’re not about locking nature up. We’re about protecting it in the most secure way possible, while also making it available for you to access and enjoy.

Habitats—ecosystems—simply do not work without species. Australia’s geographic isolation for many millions of years led to the evolution of exceptional plants and animals, many of which are unique the world over. Our species must be protected for a healthy environment to function.

The human interaction with the landscape tells us the stories of where we have been, who we have been, and how we can choose to go forward. That’s why preserving and sharing the stories of our rich Indigenous and European cultural heritage is an important part of what we do.

How do we tackle Australia’s environmental crisis?

We work with local people and governments to gain permanent protection for habitats. We grow Australia's National Parks system.

We work with partners including scientists, indigenous and community groups, and individuals to conserve Australia’s unique habitats, species, and cultural heritage.

Every project we fund delivers tangible outcomes for conservation.

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48 National Parks & protected areas across Australia would be smaller or non-existent if FNPW had never existed.
49 years young, FNPW has been protecting land & species for future generations.
100% coverage: FNPW has funded conservation projects in all of Australia’s states & territories.
437 Private Land Conservation Grants awarded by FNPW totalling over $2.3m. Supporting landowners to create healthy habitat for species on their own land.
600+ scientifically-based Australian conservation projects funded by FNPW.
$60m+ The amount FNPW has raised for the conservation of Australia’s environment.

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