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“Working to protect, conserve and enhance the natural environment locally and globally”

The objectives of the Society are

To stimulate interest in Australian flora and fauna;
To act to protect and foster an interest in the natural environment, particularly at the local level;
To foster an understanding of the need to conserve the natural environment and resources; and
To cooperate with other groups to achieve these objectives at local, state, national and international level.

Fauna Conservation Society works to keep our district clean and green by:

Being an independent local watchdog over actions of local Councils, government agencies and developers.

Providing a forum for members to express their environmental concerns to local, state and national governments.

Campaigning against inappropriate tree removal and other environmental damage in our suburbs.

Providing environmentally-focussed feedback to local Councils on significant developments and management plans.

Publishing educational materials including Birds of Oatley Park, Native Plants of Oatley and producing a monthly newsletter to keep members informed about local environmental issues, as well as conservation issues in the wider community.

Supporting environmental campaigns, such as conservation of urban bushland and protection of the Georges River catchment.

Making representations to Members of Parliament on important local environmental issues.

Investigating and reporting environmental problems such as pollution and habitat destruction.

Working with other conservation bodies, such as the Georges River Combined Councils, Georges River Environmental Alliance, Total Environment Centre.

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Incorporated Association

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Conservation & Protection

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P.O Box 52, Mortdale 2223

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History of group

Oatley Flora and Fauna Society (O.F.F) was formed in 1955 by local residents concerned about the vandalism of flora and fauna in Oatley Park, a bush land reserve in Sydney, metropolitan area.

Over the years the area of interest has expanded and the primary aims of the Society are to stimulate interest in Australian flora and fauna; foster an understanding of the need to conserve natural environment and cooperate with other organisations in protecting the environment.

BEING GREEN -The history of the Oatley Flora and Fauna Society, The First 50 Years 1955 – 2005 by Alan Fairley is available as a pdf file to download.

A special Oatley Park Commemorative Issue of OFF News celebrating 120 years of the Park was printed in May 2008.

Pressure was placed on Hurstville City Council to review the Oatley Park Plan of Management (2004) and a Society sub-committee prepared a report on steps needed to achieve effective longterm management of bushland and reduce bushfire risks in the Park. A delegation led by Shaun Keays-Byrne met with Council officers to discuss the plan’s future. In October 2012, the Society called for the Park to be renamed Oatley Bushland Park in recognition of its unique history and natural features.

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