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One of Australia’s oldest conservation organisations.

The Beaumaris Conservation Society started life as the ‘Tree Preservation Society’ in 1953. We are one of Australia’s oldest conservation organisations and we aim to preserve and conserve our beautiful coastal suburb.

Nowadays, our commitment is not just to the wonderful trees of Beaumaris but also to the coast, our reserves, retaining our neighbourhood character and of course preserving our wonderful flora and fauna.

A committee of passionate locals meet regularly to discuss important conservation issues that affect our suburb. We are very active in the community, whether that’s advocating for the environment, objecting to inappropriate planning applications or volunteering with the local Friends of Reserves groups or the community nursery.

Our new website, Instagram & facebook pages represent an invigorated approach to marketing the society. We’re always welcoming new members and supporters and hope to go from strength to strength for the next 64+ years!

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The Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society (BTPS), which changed its name to the Beaumaris Conservation Society (BCS) in 1970, was formed at its Inaugural General Meeting on 28th February1953 with the late Mrs Bea Hosking, of Coronet Hill, 10 Coronet Grove, Beaumaris, who died in 1997, as its first President. The BTPS successfully strove to help alter the accepted pattern of Australian suburban development in which all indigenous vegetation was removed before any land was developed. Its brochure Beaumaris or Baremaris? subtly pointed out that allotments with trees standing fetched higher prices than those without. Read more about our unique history in our archives.

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