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WELCOME FROM OUR PATRON: WLPA is a volunteer-based, membership association that relies on donations and the good will of our members and supporters to do our work. I encourage all readers to get involved and back our campaigns. As a published novelist, I get involved by making ongoing references to the work of our Association in my books and events. I hope all our members could also get involved. Belinda Alexander, Patron

WELCOME FROM OUR PRESIDENT: In 2019, our priority concerns are:

To implement a no-kill policy in pounds and shelters to stop the killing of thousands of healthy cats and dogs every year.
To rehome as many cats, dogs and rabbits every year to spare them the cruelty of being killed in pounds should they become lost or abandoned.
To stop the commercialisation of native wildlife, especially the Kangaroo.
To ban the use of 1080 poison.
To ban the use of the steel jaw traps in Australia (we succeeded in having this banned in NSW and ACT in 1997).
To ban recreational hunting.
To lobby NSW councils to provide low cost desexing.
To ban circuses with animals.
To protect Australia's dingo by lobbying our government to recognise and protect it as a vulnerable species. Halina Thompson, President

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199 -201 Victoria Rd (CNR Cowell Street), Gladesville, NSW 2111

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The World League was founded by Miss Kate Deighton and Rudolf Bergner in Germany in 1898 and formally organised in Paris in 1900. The English branch of the World League was established in 1900 by Miss A L Woodward; she continued to direct its activities until her death in 1921.

There was a second Congress in Frankfurt and a third in Helsinborg. The Fourth Triennial International Congress of the World League Against Vivisection and for the Protection of Animals, as it was then known, was held at Caxton Hall, Westminster, London, from 19 to 24 July, 1909. This event was attended by many delegates from over 20 countries.

At the time the League had great support in the British Parliament, with no less than 44 members of Parliament, including four future Prime Ministers, attending the Congress.

On 4 October 1928 the League inaugurated World Day for Animals, which is still universally held on the first Sunday in October to commentate the death & the Patron Saint of Animals , St. Francis of Assisi .The Australian branch of the League was formed in 1935 by Miss E B Moore, It was originally titled 'The World Day for Animals League' and was allied to the English branch of The World League for Protection of Animals.

Later the name changed to conform with that of the English parent society. The League was registered under the Charitable Collections Act, NSW 1934 on 14 May l937.


Our Success Stories: Please visit our Adoption Centre at Gladesville! We are open 7 days a week for animal viewings by appointment. It is important.

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